Posted by: csdailyblog | January 12, 2012

Conserve Participates in “Education for Sustainability” Research

Members of the WCEE's Education for Sustainability in Wisconsin Steering Committee. Assistant Head of School Mary Anna Thornton is standing in the foreground, at left.

Conserve School’s Assistant Head of School, along with the school’s University of Wisconsin Graduate Fellows, took part in a year-long research project on attitudes toward sustainability and education in Wisconsin communities, spearheaded by the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education (WCEE). The research project recently culminated in the publication of the report “Cultivating Education for Sustainability in Wisconsin Schools.” Assistant Head of School Mary Anna Thornton, a member of the Education for Sustainability in Wisconsin Steering Committee, collected and organized data from the northeastern region of the state, while other steering committee members collected data in their own regions. As part of the process, Mary Anna and the Graduate Fellows collaborated to carry out a focus group protocol developed at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This WCEE research project was coordinated with another state-wide education initiative, the development of “Wisconsin’s Plan to Advance Education for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability in PK-12 Schools,” carried out by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction (to see a DPI press release about the plan, click here). Just made available online, this publication is the state’s first education plan related to sustainability.

Congratulations to the WCEE and to the DPI on their completion of these ambitious undertakings! The Conserve School community is glad to be able to support and participate in projects that promote young people’s commitment to and understanding of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The WCEE is an outreach and extension program of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s College of Natural Resources.

You can read more about these organizations and initiatives on the Environmental Education in Wisconsin website.


Conserve School is a conservation-based semester school for high school students. Read more about us at or on our Facebook page.


  1. Well done!

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