Posted by: Mary Anna Thornton | December 17, 2011

CS3 E-Portfolio Contest Winners Announced

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We provide all Conserve School students with their own websites, teach them how to enter and edit text and how to upload photos to the sites, and encourage them to follow the prompts we’ve set up on the sites to create unique e-portfolios. Students capture their experiences here at Conserve School on these websites through narratives, photographs, examples of academic projects, and in some cases, videos.

The prompts we’ve set up on the students’ websites guide them in reflecting on what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown during their semester, asking, for example: Why do you think this activity or assignment is worth featuring in your e-portfolio? What did you learn from this experience? How does this experience relate to Conserve’s School-wide Learning Goals?

Students also use the e-portfolios to set goals for themselves at the beginning of the Conserve School semester and then, at the end of the semester, to evaluate to what degree they’ve met those goals — and how. The e-portfolios conclude with a “Final Thoughts” page, on which students record new goals for their lives post-Conserve.

Educational research demonstrates that self-reflection (or, to use the educational research jargon, “metacognition”) improves learning and memory. We believe that the process of creating an e-portfolio helps students more deeply understand, and more effectively retain, the academic lessons — and the life lessons — that they’ve learned while living at Lowenwood.

We staff members appreciate the e-portfolios because they allow us to see Conserve School through the students’ eyes. Reviewing the e-portfolios helps us carry out our own self-reflection and goal-setting as we work to continuously improve our program.

Thank you to all of the students who put extra time and effort into building these websites!

And here are our winners. Please click on the students’ names to go to their e-portfolios.

Honorable Mentions
Each of these students received a certificate and a $25.00 gift card from

Megan S.
Laura L.
Corrin D.
Hannah D.

Tied for 2nd Place
Each of these students received a certificate and a $300 college scholarship.

Kelsie S.
Sarah B.

1st Place
This student received a certificate and a $500 college scholarship.

Shelbi K.

Congratulations, students!

– Mary Anna

Conserve School is a conservation-based semester school for high school students. Read more about us at or on our Facebook page.


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