Posted by: Mary Anna Thornton | December 15, 2011

Last Advisory Dinners and Activities

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Each teacher and administrator is assigned several advisees along with a graduate fellow or two. This group eats lunch together every Thursday and also shares occasional social events throughout the semester. Advisors meet with their advisees one-on-one frequently for short, informal mentoring sessions. This advisory system ensures that each student has at least one adult on campus who knows them well and is checking in on them regularly.

A number of advisory groups had their last advisory dinners or activities this week or last week, some of them holiday-themed. In the accompanying photos you see a gingerbread house-making activity with the advisory groups of Cathy Palmer, Director of Outdoor Programs and Residential Life, and Jean Haack, Sustainability Coordinator; a cookie-baking and -decorating activity with my advisory group and the advisory group of Phil DeLong, Director of Admissions and Residential Life; and a dinner and games night with the advisory groups of Nancy Schwartz, Art Teacher, and her husband, Robert Eady, Science and Ceramics Teacher. All of the activities were held at staff members’ on-campus apartments. Enjoy the photos and the short clip (below) of students singing at Nancy and Robert’s.

– Mary Anna

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