Posted by: Mary Anna Thornton | December 13, 2011

More Fun in the Snow: Conserve School Sledding

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Our first few inches of snow were enough to get out the tubes and saucers and start sledding on our tobogganing hill. Here you can see Field Instruction classes getting some exercise last week amid the snowflakes.

Eventually, the sledding outing devolved into a snowball fight; students allege that Field Instructors Greg Handley and Chris Homeister started it. I emailed students a question about the barricade you can see in the last two photos of the slideshow, and here are a few of the answers I got.

We made an army of sleds and tubes and slowly marched up the sledding hill. The sleds and tubes served to protect us from the snowballs of Greg and Chris. At the top of the hill, we broke the barricade and tackled Greg.
– Brennan

We had the idea of getting all of the sleds to the bottom of the hill and made a barricade out of them. Greg started throwing snowballs at us, so we re-formed to two levels of sleds and started advancing to get closer to Greg and Chris. They continued to throw snowballs as we got closer, and then we commenced to attack Greg and tackle him. It was just a really fun little thing we did towards the end of class.
– Laura L.

The first snow of the season brings out the kid in all of us! The playfulness of these photos reminded me of our Conserve School Community Beliefs and Commitments (meant to guide the actions of the staff) and Schoolwide Learning Goals (meant to guide the actions of the students), which highlight the importance of outdoor play:

Learning Goal #8: A Conserve School student frequently takes time for outdoor play and reflection.
Community Commitment #8:  We regularly set aside our obligations in order to refresh and renew ourselves, play together, and reflect while immersed in the beauty of the natural world.

– Mary Anna


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