Posted by: Mary Anna Thornton | December 1, 2011

Conserve School E-Portfolio Scholarship Contest Coming Soon!

CS2 student Bree received a $500 college scholarship for her winning entry.

This week we’ve been reminding students about the upcoming deadline for submitting their e-portfolios to our E-Portfolio Scholarship Contest. A panel of staff members will judge the e-portfolios on December 15. The students who submit the three highest-quality e-portfolios, evaluated according to a rubric students have been given, will receive $500, $300, and $200 college scholarships.

Our e-portfolio system is a means for students to record and reflect on school work and activities that have been particularly meaningful to them and to store their memories online in a way that is easy to access both for them once they leave Conserve School and for friends or family members. Academic research shows that reflection and self-assessment are powerful tools for improving student learning, and an e-portfolio can be a useful vehicle for eliciting and guiding self-reflection. (See one example of educational literature that promotes the use of student self-evaluation here.) In addition, the professional world uses technology routinely to showcase achievements, products, and services, so by teaching Conserve students how to assemble an on-line portfolio, we’re giving them a boost on their way to developing the skills and outlook of professionals. Furthermore, more and more colleges are adopting e-portfolio expectations. Here is one example, from Clemson University.

Good luck, CS3 students, and we look forward to seeing your completed e-portfolios!

Mary Anna


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