Posted by: conservealumni | November 18, 2011

Welcome Alumni

Alumni visit to the Memorial Union in Madison

Hello Alums,

Welcome to the new blog post for alums. I look forward to sharing your stories and keeping you up to date on Conserve news.

Last month Jeff and I made a trip to Madison to visit alumni and see his photography exhibit at the Memorial Union. Thank you to the alums that came to the exhibit.  A pizza party at Ian’s Pizza followed and by the way, I’m still not so sure about that mac n cheese pizza.  I’ve never seen so many pizza variations.

Featured in the photo:  Joseph McDonald, Jack Richeson, Ryan O’Connor, Chris Richeson, Jen Schoell, Devon Brock-Montgomery, Kelsey Holtslander, Sarah Anderson, Seo Youn  Lee, Stella Yun, Kyle Mayer, Casey Murphy, Kate Allen.

Also attending but not pictured: Job Villasenor, Kelson Quisler, Rachel Gerry, Celeste Hockings

We had a group of four-year Conserve Alums and some of our CS1 and CS2 students. Connections were made. Sarah and Kyle discovered they are in the same math class of 400 people and didn’t know it, now they can plan on studying together, and Kate Allen offered to help them out if they needed it.

I want to once again thank you all for joining us, a special thanks to Ryan O’Connor for sharing his employee discount with us at Ian’s and Casey Murphy for making a special trip up from Chicago to join in the festivities.

Please check out the alumni bulletin to see what some of the alums are up to. For those of you that have not submitted a short news update, please email me when you can. All of us at Conserve are so proud of our alums out there making a difference, changing the world and keeping your Conserve experiences close to your heart.

Jill Rennicke
Alumni Coordinator


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