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CS3 Weekend Activity: Lowenwood Adventure Race

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This past weekend, History Teacher Michael Salat offered an adventure race for students as one of their optional weekend activities. Here’s a list of the winners and Michael’s description of the event:

1st place – David and Tianse
2nd place – Garrett and Chase
3rd place – Katin and Ian (Katin’s cousin who is applying for Fall 2012)

Last Saturday we held the Lowenwood Adventure Race here on campus.  Nine teams of two started the race with a short run and a long paddle on Big Donahue.  The paddle had an added challenge, as we hid the buoy out of site.  It was great fun to see most of the teams head off in the wrong direction searching for the buoy.  After completing the paddle the teams had to do some map and compass work to figure out where the orienteering flags were hung in the woods.  After calculating the location of the flags, teams then rode off into the woods on bicycles to find the flags.  Once close to the flags, teams dismounted their bikes and walked (or ran) to find the flag, where instructions were listed for the photographic evidence of their find.  The race was close after the first two orienteering points as four teams came in for their next assignment.  Logan and Megs had a small lead going after the second flag, but three other teams passed them after finding the third flag.  It turns out that Logan snapped his bicycle chain and had to run back with his bike.  The final task had students following an azimuth out to a point on the shore of Big Donahue where my son (Joey) was hidden in the woods.  The instruction was to touch his hand and make it back to the LRC.  At this point it was anyone’s race as three teams vied for the top spot.  In the end, David and Tianse were the first team to have both members cross the finish line, followed closely by Garrett and Chase, who took second, and Katin and Ian who finished third.

It was a great afternoon and everyone seemed to have fun.  I was pleased to have so many eager participants, including a parent, Mark Mcguire, and a prospective student.  Special thanks should go to former Conserve School Graduate Fellow John Ciatti for his inspiration.  John was the one who brought the concept of adventure racing to Conserve School and did such a great job during his time here getting students and staff outside with his creative orienteering events.

Thank you, Michael, for the post and photographs and for setting up the race!

– Mary Anna

Conserve School is a conservation-based semester school for high school students. Read more about us at or on our Facebook page.


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