Posted by: csdailyblog | October 26, 2011

Art is Alive at Conserve!

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Students at Conserve School have the option to take one of three art electives – Ceramics, Earth Art, and Drawn to Nature. Drawn to Nature focuses on drawing and painting natural objects (including producing a beautiful nature journal with watercolor illustrations), while students in Earth Art create their pieces directly from natural materials. Recently all three of these classes have been working on interesting projects. Drawn to Nature students have made gelatin prints of leaves that are currently decorating the hallways of the academic building, as well as working on creating pigments from natural sources that they can use in their art. Earth Art students enlivened the Gathering Space by creating life-sized “leaf people” representing famous environmentalists and posing them in study spaces! Those in Ceramics, as always, have been getting their hands dirty creating vases, cups, mugs, etc. etc., some of which are currently in use in the dining hall. (Thanks Cole!)

Art classes provide another way to connect with nature and the outdoors that is distinct from what students do in environmental science, field instruction, etc. Art teachers Nancy Schwartz and Robert Eady do a fantastic job of nurturing these talents in our kids.




  1. Good Job using a mortar and pestle to make natural dyes, Madeline! Our pharmacist mother will be proud!

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