Posted by: Stefan Anderson | October 7, 2011

Emergency Preparedness at Conserve School

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During the past week Conserve School has hosted two events designed to improve emergency preparedness at Conserve School and in the surrounding community.

Search and Rescue Training
Friday through Sunday, September 30 – October 2, a search and rescue training class was held for Northwoods fire department and ems members. Twenty eight individuals from five different communities participated. The course had three sections. On Friday night participants learned Crime Scene Preservation Awareness from Vilas County Sheriff’s Detective Dave Dobbs. The message from Detective Dobbs presentation might be best summed up: Don’t touch anything, keep people away from the scene, and get law enforcement to the scene as soon as possible. Also on Friday evening Chuck Keuhn from Headwaters Search and Rescue gave a lecture on profiling lost people and knowing where the highest probability for finding them will be based on their profile. Chuck’s presentation used information from Robert Koester’s book, “Lost Person Behavior: A Search and Rescue Guide on Where to Look – For Land, Air and Water”.

On Saturday and Sunday Chuck Keuhn, assisted by Janine Keuhn and Chris Rutter, took the class from theory to practice as the group learned search technique and theory and then put it to work during an extended mock drill on Sunday. On Saturday afternoon the group practiced their compass skills and strengthened their observational skills during line search drills.

Conserve School is grateful to Chuck Keuhn, Dave Dobbs, Janine Keuhn, Chris Rutter, and Tony Campion for their hard work in organizing and running this training.

Emergency Helicopter Transport Training

The new Ministry Health Care emergency transport helicopter that is based in Rhinelander, Wisconsin drilled with EMT, ambulance, and fire crews from Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin and Watersmeet, Michigan at Conserve on Thursday, October 6, 2011 using the soccer field as a landing area. Beyond using this as an opportunity to train with the locals, they are also establishing the soccer field as a known transport point that will be available should evacuation from the Black Oak Lake area ever be needed. Conserve School was happy to be able to assist with this training.

Note that the helicopter used in the drill is the same type as the Ministry Spirit helicopter and is being used by the helicopter team while their Spirit helicopter is undergoing its scheduled yearly maintenance.


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