Posted by: csdailyblog | September 13, 2011

Weekend Activities at Conserve School

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Every weekend we offer students a mix of optional activities, developed and supervised by graduate fellows and teachers, which run the gamut from trips to Walmart and the grocery store to trips to nearby waterfalls and lakes to relaxed fun like swimming on campus.

Recent weekend activities included a nature hike to springs on the west side of campus, a fishing expedition to Big Bateau Lake, on the east side of campus, a canoe trip into Sylvania, adjacent to our northern border, and an Ultimate Frisbee tournament held on our athletic fields. Those students who didn’t actually play in the tournament participated by bringing snacks and water for the players and cheering them on.

Thank you to Graduate Fellows Heather Lumpkin and Laura Schoephoester and Science Teacher Robert Eady for contributing some of these photos.

– Mary Anna

Conserve School is a conservation-based semester school for high school students. Read more about us at or on our Facebook page.



  1. Plus the unofficial weekend activity of looking at Jupiter and the moon through the telescope Saturday night!

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