Posted by: csdailyblog | September 8, 2011

Stewardship on Campus and in College & Careers

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During yesterday’s weekly Wednesday afternoon “Stewardship in Action” session, we covered a lot of ground.

First, students broke up into grade level groups so that seniors could focus on college preparation. Academic Dean Kathleen O’Connor and I showed students our online college resources, which include individual student accounts for Peterson’s StudentEdge. This online service provides practice ACT and SAT tests, ACT and SAT prep exercises, a college scholarship search, information on individual colleges, a college majors/careers interest survey, an explanation of the financial aid process, and an excellent section on writing admission essays. Parents can access this service, too — just ask your student for the Conserve School access code. (Peterson’s asks that we not distribute the code publicly and that we use the code only for Conserve School community members, so please don’t share the code beyond your own immediate family.)

After students registered for their Peterson’s accounts, we showed them other college- and career-related Conserve School online resources, including links to colleges and universities well-known for conservation-related majors and campus sustainability programs. This list includes “Eco-League” colleges, which have a particular focus on the environment as well as reciprocal programs so that students can easily take semesters at various Eco-League schools. In addition, Kathleen and I began meeting one-on-one with seniors to help each one with their individual college admissions needs.

We then revisited Conserve School e-portfolios with all students and gave them time to add more information to them. We also showed students how to share their e-portfolios with family and friends at home by “inviting” them via email. Student e-portfolios are set up so that they are automatically viewable by Conserve School students and staff, but not by the general public. We’re pleased to see the progress so many students have already made on their e-portfolios.

After college and career time, students all headed to the auditorium to listen to a short presentation by Graduate Fellow Chris Homeister on his two years of experience working on environmental projects like stream restoration and wildlife surveys for AmeriCorps. In addition to describing his own experiences in AmeriCorps, Chris explained how students could apply to participate in this sort of conservation-focused national service. This AmeriCorps web page explains the different opportunities available for young adults ages 18-24.

After Chris’ talk, students chose between several options for hands-on campus service work, including digging potatoes in the garden, constructing new garden beds and filling them with compost and soil, building a roof for our compost bins, removing invasive species on campus, and preparing turkey jerky for Exploration Week.

Thanks to Jean Haack, Stewardship Coordinator, and Rebecca Deatsman, Graduate Fellow, for contributing these photos.

-Mary Anna


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