Posted by: Stefan Anderson | September 5, 2011

Nicolet Wheel-A-Way

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This past Saturday 16 members of the Conserve School community participated in the Nicolet Wheel-A-Way, a 36.5 mile bicyle tour with views of the Nicolet National Forest and the Three Lakes Chain of Lakes. The day began with the group gathering at the Lowenwood Recreation Center at 6:30 AM for a hot breakfast and bike check-out. Thanks to Jennifer Anderson for the delicious “egg bake” and other tasty treats. After loading up the bikes the crew headed south to Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Three Lakes is about 34 miles from Conserve School.

The Three Lakes Chamber of Commerce organizes the ride and they were very organized on Saturday. They met the Conserve School group with a box full of goodies including Wheel-A-Way t-shirts, lunch wrist bands, raffle tickets, and “license plates” to be used to identify riders with their names and home towns.

While we were waiting for the ride to begin at 9:30 it began to rain. Fortunately, it was only a light rain and it only lasted about 20 minutes into the ride. The wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of our crew. During the ride students and staff traveled in groups based on their riding preferences. Unfortunately for Logan, he had to hold back a bit because no one else could keep up with his preferred speed, although Stefan tried for a bit. A little over 18 miles into the ride the group enjoyed lunch on the shores of Franklin Lake. During lunch students fielded a number of questions from riders about Conserve School and what a semester school is. They gave some great answers. After eating an impromptu arm wrestling competition broke out and a variety of jokes were told. Then, after a group photo, we headed back to Three Lakes.

At the end of the ride we learned that Conserve School had won a bicycle in the raffle. You can see a picture of the bike in the photos. We will be donating the bike to the Wilderness Lakes Trails organization that is working to create a bike & hike trail around the Sylvania Wilderness Area (Conserve School’s neighbor to the north).

The adventure ended with an afternoon stop at the Dari-Maid Drive-In in Land O’ Lakes for some great treats before returning to campus.

~Stefan Anderson


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