Posted by: csdailyblog | September 1, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Stewardship at Conserve School

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On each Wednesday afternoon, students take part in an integrated afternoon experience we call “Stewardship in Action,” which is intended to teach them about college and career opportunities (with the emphasis on “green”) and give them the opportunity to support sustainable practices on campus through service work. When possible, we try to combine the career and college prep with campus service by having a professional in an environmental field visit, talk to students briefly about their college and career path, and then work alongside students carrying out service work related to their field. We find that this approach leads to meaningful conversation between the visiting professional and students, proves more engaging to students than a standard lecture, and gets work done around campus to boot.

The accompanying photos show yesterday’s visitor, Callie Bertsch, speaking to students about her work for Vilas County identifying invasive species. (Read a detailed description of this grant-funded project in a recent News of the North article.) After speaking briefly about her college training and current work, Callie took a group of students for a walk on Conserve School’s land, identifying invasive species. Students also had the opportunity yesterday afternoon during Stewardship in Action to prepare granola and jerky for Exploration Week in the school kitchen, work with Graduate Fellow Rebecca Deatsman on preventing bird/window collisions, construct a cover for the compost pile with Graduate Fellow Rob Stuart, and weed and plant clover in the orchard and garden with Stewardship Coordinator Jean Haack.

Students also filled out interest surveys related to careers and stewardship work to help us plan future sessions of Stewardship in Action, and seniors filled out college planning surveys to help us understand their individual needs.

– Mary Anna

Thank you to Rebecca for sharing these photos with us!


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