Posted by: csdailyblog | August 28, 2011

Bike Trip to the Forest Lake Country Store

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Every weekend, teachers and graduate fellows lead optional activities for students. Most are designed to enhance students’ outdoor skills, to help them enjoy the natural world, and to enlarge their knowledge of the surrounding area — and all are designed to be fun.

This weekend, for example, students could sign up for three options: a canoe day trip into the Sylvania Wilderness of the Ottawa National Forest, adjacent to campus; a hike on our own 1200-acre campus focused on plant identification; and a bike trip to the Forest Lake Country Store, about four miles from campus, for hard-scoop ice cream.

The bike trip was an opportunity for students to investigate the local bike path, which they can take east into Land O’ Lakes to visit some small shops, the Dairy Maid (for soft-serve ice cream, hot dogs, curly fries, shakes, and other summertime treats), the Pine Cone Cafe (a friendly small-town diner), and a tiny grocery store, or west past the Black Oak Lake public beach to the Forest Lake Country Store, which sells sandwiches, pizza, and some grocery items in addition to ice cream.

Students are free to take advantage of the bike path on weekends or during unscheduled afternoons and evenings. To ensure safety, students travel in groups with a cell phone. Before leaving the Conserve School campus, they check out with a staff member and give an estimated return time, and when they return, they check back in again.

Students can bring their own bikes to Conserve School or check out one of the school’s.

Enjoy these photos of yesterday’s bike trip, contributed by Spanish Teacher and Academic Dean Kathleen O’Connor and Science Teacher Andy Milbauer, who led the trip.

– Mary Anna


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