Posted by: csdailyblog | August 23, 2011

Safety First in Field Instruction

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Conserve School Field Instruction started out, literally, with a bang this afternoon, as thunder and rain forced the class out of the water and into the Lowenwood Recreation Center.

Safety was the theme for this afternoon’s field instruction lessons. Swim tests, waterfront safety rules, and basic canoeing instruction were all covered today in this outdoor-focused physical education class.

Field Instructors Leanna Jackan and Chris Homeister headed up canoeing instruction, while their colleagues Greg Handley and Heather Lumpkin introduced students to the Big Donahue Lake waterfront and checked students’ swimming skills. Students are fortunate to receive instruction from our University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate fellows, all of whom earned bachelor’s degrees related to environmental studies, have extensive experience working with young people in the outdoors, and are currently taking master’s level courses in environmental education.

The first set of students all passed their swim tests, but the second group was interrupted by a few rolls of distant thunder nearly as soon as they had gotten into the water. Once the group had moved away from the lakeshore, instruction continued on the patio and lawn of the recreation center until a downpour sent the group (and the canoe and paddles) inside.

The thunder was a good opportunity to teach students the importance of getting out of the water fast even when thunder is distant and lightning isn’t present. More instruction in water-based skills and safety guidelines will follow in the next few days.

Other classes began as well today, and staff members are beginning to post a variety of photos from the past few days on our Intranet. Tomorrow I’ll add to the blog a medley of photos from the many activities and classes over the past few days.

– Mary Anna



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