Posted by: Stefan Anderson | June 1, 2011

Woodcarving Lesson

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Graduate Fellow, Jess Kavanagh, surprised the students with an opportunity to learn woodcarving this week. Jess’ grandma and grandpa do a lot of woodcarving and they were here from Montana visiting Jess and offered the students a workshop. They arrived with carving knives and some small, bird blanks for the students to work on. Along with those tools they brought a BIG container of delicious banana chocolate chip cookies and the makings for s’mores.  Around twenty students came to learn necessitating sharing tools and projects so that everyone had a chance to practice and learn. Safety was stressed and most of the students worked on making finches as they sat around the fire in the Commons eating, whittling and enjoying each others’ company. It was a great introduction to woodcarving and we are grateful to Jess’ family for their generosity sharing their skill and passion.

Thanks to Nancy Schwartz for this entries photos and text!



  1. We arrive home today after a very nice day yesterday at CS, Henry seems fine but I am a little sad that this experience for him has ended. I just want to thank everyone at the school for all the hard work that you do and for giving my son and all these great kids a unique and rewarding experience. I will miss our trips up to visit that magical place. Have a great summer!

    Robert Barbee

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