Posted by: csdailyblog | May 12, 2011

Spring “Stewardship in Action” at Conserve School

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At Conserve School, Wednesday afternoons + college and career preparation + environmental stewardship + campus service = Stewardship in Action. In order to create a rich, integrated, interdisciplinary program for our students, we pack as much meaning as we can into each class and each activity. Last Wednesday afternoon’s “Stewardship in Action”  activity exemplified this approach.

During  this 3 1/2-hour afternoon block, Forest Service Ecologist Melissa Simpson from the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest first presented information to students about her college studies and career path in the Forest Service. She explained the broad range of government positions available for individuals interested in helping conserve the environment and walked students through the process of applying to internships and entry level positions at the Forest Service.

Melissa then joined students as they broke into groups for hands-on campus stewardship activities, helping Field Instructor Katie Connolly lead the student group eradicating non-native thistles. Another group cleared trails, a third group weeded and planted garden beds with early spring vegetables, and the final group made muffins in the Conserve School dining room kitchen.

In the photos you’ll see students using Round-up on the thistles. We maintain organic practices when possible and avoid the use of herbicides in general, but in some cases we do use Round-up, because certain exceptionally tough invasive plants can’t be eradicated with other methods. The students always use Round-up under careful staff supervision, and Round-up degrades quickly in the environment.

Mary Anna

Read more about conservation-based hands-on activities like these on Conserve School’s website at


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