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We Appreciate Our Teachers!

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so we’re taking this opportunity to feature, recognize, and thank the teachers and field instructors who are teaching Conserve School classes this semester both inside our classrooms and out in the field. While all of our staff members make important contributions to our program and to each student’s experience at Conserve School, these twelve individuals are the ones planning and teaching CS2 coursework.

Science Teacher Robert Eady is our resident expert on the science of sustainability and also a skilled artist, teaching ceramics in addition to science. He investigates with his students both the scientific and ethical aspects of systems like energy, food, manufacturing, and resource use. Robert is always busy with a project or two, or three, or four, or five …

Math Teacher and Educational Technology Coordinator Kathy Jones keeps all of our math students on track and progressing in alignment with their sending school curricula. She also is a technology expert and teaches both students and staff how to use their  laptops and a variety of software applications.

Science Teacher Andy Milbauer presides over AP Environmental Science and has the green thumb on campus. He’s currently teaching students how to sprout seeds and then transfer young plants to our organic garden. His lessons revolve around a plethora of other conservation-related topics in the life sciences.

Spanish Teacher and Academic Dean Kathleen O’Connor keeps an eye on the entire academic program, making sure all is running smoothly, while at the same time organizing College and Careers sessions and tending to the many levels of Spanish she teaches every day.

English Teacher Jeff Rennicke introduces students to wilderness literature and the wilderness experience and teaches them to share their own voices through  environmental communication. He often holds classes out-of-doors and is known for his imaginative, hands-on classes and assignments.

History Teacher Michael Salat also makes good use of the outdoor classroom, bringing history to life by recreating pivotal moments in exploration history right here on the Conserve School campus. He also spends much of his out-of-class time skiing and hiking with students here on campus or in the surrounding area.

Art Teacher Nancy Schwartz introduces students to a wide variety of media and artistic techniques in her art classes, using natural and recycled materials and weaving environmental ethics into her lessons. Nancy brings her unique global perspective and her reflective, encouraging manner to all she does on campus.

Stewardship and Health Care Coordinator Jean Haack plans activities for and leads students in our Wednesday afternoon Stewardship-in-Action campus service activities and makes sure that our recycling, gardening, composting, maple syrup production, beekeeping, and student chore programs all run smoothly. Jean also is an EMT and the mainstay of our Health Center, coordinating with our clinic nurse and making herself available throughout the day for students who need medical attention.

Field Instructors Jess Kavanaugh, Ryan Kolb, Jeff Nemec, and Elliott Schofield meet for long afternoon blocks with students twice a week to teach them outdoor skills and safety guidelines. Their work with our students makes possible much of the hands-on, outdoors activities that our program revolves around: canoeing, portaging, winter camping, snowshoeing, skiing, climbing, and fire-building, for example.

Thank you to all of you for your hard work, talent, and dedication!

Learn more about our teachers and graduate fellows/field instructors on our website, and learn more about the day-to-day activities of our teaching staff by visiting  our teacher websites. And remember —

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so say “thank you” to a teacher this week!

Mary Anna



  1. A great week to honor teachers and grad fellows! 🙂 Congratulations to all of you for the great work you do there at Conserve School. I am so proud to have Koty there with you to experience education in such a rich and rewarding way. 🙂 Thank you all so much for everything you do for our youth! Thanks again for all of the posts. I truly enjoy watching the activities!

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