Posted by: csdailyblog | April 19, 2011

Visit to an Organic Farm

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Conserve School student Bree writes about a recent community service visit to a nearby organic farm owned by Margie Rychlock, former Conserve School/University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point Graduate Fellow. Margie’s taken on the task of turning an old farm property near Conserve School into a functioning organic farm, on which she hopes to run youth education programs some day.  (Margie is also Program Coordinator at the Northwoods Children’s Museum in Eagle River.) Conserve School students visited to help her clean up the property. After they worked, students were treated to a meal at a second farm — Margie’s family farm, which is an organic CSA farm.

Visiting Margie’s farm was a heartwarming experience. Arriving to her farm at 10 o’clock a.m. and being greeted by tears of gratitude and a rambunctious puppy made everyone realize we are making a difference in Margie’s life. After getting a tour of her farm, we anxiously set ourselves to work. The first task Jen and I set out to do consisted of prying frozen boards out of the ground and wheeling them over to the “burn hole”. Being amused by a tipping wheelbarrow, the frozen ground, and mud splattering we shared a few laughs cleaning up the lawn. Discovering a pick-axe and many other utensils, we managed to slam, shove, and kick boards loose. After lunch we were still anxious to work. Margie insisted we play farm games but we were too excited and wanted to keep working. After finishing our tasks of cleaning the farm we headed out towards Margie’s parents’ farm. Before we were able to leave, we joyously pushed the Sprinter out from being stuck in the mud. Arriving at Margie’s family farm we were greeted by sounds of chickens, cows, and another dog.

Having the opportunity to help Margie and her farm out was very inspiring. We were able to realize how a little free time and volunteer work can impact one person’s life tremendously, and Margie was still able to have us play farm games.

Many thanks for contributing to the blog, Bree!

Mary Anna



  1. This sounds so great! I remember a few wonderful days helping on those farms. Mary Anna/Stefan, could you send me some contact information on Marige, if available? I’d love to here more of what she’s been up to.

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