Posted by: csdailyblog | April 12, 2011

Environmental Law and Engineering Careers

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Last Wednesday Conserve School students learned about two career options with great potential for individuals interested in professions related to conservation: environmental engineering and environmental law. Jeffrey Leavell, lawyer and father of CS2 student Jennings, spoke to students about college preparation for a career in environmental law, explained why he has found practicing law enjoyable and rewarding, and described some of his complex cases in environmental law. Laurie Parsons, an environmental scientist and the President of Natural Resource Technology, spoke on careers in environmental engineering and related sciences. Her company, an environmental consulting firm, specializes in evaluating and remediating industrial sites. Laurie explained why she chose to work in environmental engineering, outlined the training and experiences that allowed her to excel in her field, and described some large environmental clean-up operations her company has taken on.

Both talks were fascinating and packed with information. We are posting our speakers’ PowerPoint presentations on the student intranet so students can take advantage of the wealth of information on the slides. A big thank you to Jeff and Laurie for taking the time to prepare the presentations, travel all the way to northern Wisconsin, and spend an afternoon with us. We really appreciated it!

Mary Anna



  1. Question I have is, why didn’t we have this at college and carers when I was there? This is actually what I’m interested in 😛

    • Hi, Marshall! We’re working on expanding and improving our program all the time, based in large part on the feedback we receive in the surveys we ask students to fill out. So at least you know we are listening and taking your advice!

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