Posted by: csdailyblog | April 11, 2011

New Updates from Teacher Websites

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Remember to check teacher and administrator websites regularly to see their weekly updates. Here are links to some of this week’s new entries:

Kathy Jones, Math Teacher, writes about signs of spring in the Northwoods and how happy she and her friendly dog Dee Dee are to get outside in her most recent post.

Jeff Rennicke, English Teacher, writes in his newest post about studying the history of the Sylvania Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park. In another corner of the web, Jeff, a professional photographer and writer, was honored this week by having a photo of the Conserve School campus featured on

Nancy Schwartz, Art Teacher, describes on her website how students have started to learn the art of jewelry-making.

Phil DeLong, Director of Admissions and Residential Life, writes in his newest post about the last few days of skiing in the Northwoods and the bird calls he has been hearing that herald spring.

And this week my new post describes our Secret Bakers on campus — students who’ve taken it upon themselves to treat staff members anonymously to warm baked goods right out of the oven. The post includes a photo of the signature sign they leave each time they strike, which looks kind of like a ransom note because it’s made up of letters cut out of magazines to preserve the anonymity of the secret chefs.

Find all of the accompanying photos and more on these websites. Just click on the “Teacher Website” tab above now and then to see what’s going on around campus. Teachers and administrators usually update their sites with new stories and photos about once a week.

Mary Anna


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