Posted by: csdailyblog | April 4, 2011

Paper Cranes for Japan

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Nancy Schwartz, Conserve School Art Teacher, writes about a schoolwide activity she recently led:

Students Rebuild is an organization that coordinates action taken by youth on global issues. Bezos Family Foundation is donating $2 for every crane folded. The money will be given to Architects for Humanity for rebuilding Japan. We’ve been watching daily updates as the number of cranes increases and on Friday we sent 309 cranes to Students Rebuild. All of the cranes will be strung together and made into an art installation for the youth of Japan.. It is said that if one folds 1000 cranes a wish will be granted by a crane. This ritual is usually done for healing illness and injury. Our students became proficient at folding paper cranes as they dove into this project with enthusiasm and eagerness to help make a small difference to alleviate the suffering and struggle brought about by Japan’s earthquake.

Enjoy Nancy’s photos of Conserve School students folding cranes!


This is another way Conserve’s semester school students are making a world of difference!



  1. What a wonderfully, loveing and expressive response. I feel comforted just seeing this.

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