Posted by: csdailyblog | March 30, 2011

March Community Meetings

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Every Monday, students get together with administrators to enjoy a community meeting led by Head of School Stefan Anderson. Sometimes the meetings are silly and sometimes they are more serious, but they always end with everyone getting together in a circle and passing an object around. When the object comes to you, you can share a thank you or a highlight of the week — or choose to pass. In some of the accompanying photos, you can see students passing around a big flower from the school’s prop room as they tell about their highlights of the week.

Families, you’ll be glad to know that the most frequently cited highlight of the week during this past Monday’s community meeting was getting together with parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends for Family Weekend. Students clearly enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with families and friends.

We shared the first Conserve School maple syrup of the season during this Monday’s meeting, over vanilla ice cream, which makes an excellent treat.

Earlier this month, we enjoyed parachute games and amoeba games. In the amoeba game, wing members had to lock elbows with one another and then race around the Gathering Space, competing against other amoebas. Of course, it’s hard to move fast and stay linked at the same time, with everyone facing in different directions. The results were predictably hilarious.

Enjoy the photos of community meeting conversation, snacks, and fun!

Mary Anna



  1. We totally enjoyed our visit to Conserve School. As when we read the blogs, we were totally impressed with the School, the instructors (Teachers and Grad fellows alike). Can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed myself as much! It was like a vacation! Koty did a great job keeping us all busy and entertained with activities. The classes were all very engaging (what a great, fun, interesting way to learn!!!), the hike into the Sylvanias was beautiful and the rock wall was totally fun! 🙂 I didn’t want to leave! Thanks for not only taking care of our Koty, but for this wonderful experience of a lifetime, for him and me both! 🙂
    Gramma Mary Crocker 🙂

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