Posted by: Stefan Anderson | March 8, 2011

Big Bateau Campout

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This past Saturday a hearty group of students joined Director of Outdoor Activities Cathy Palmer, Graduate Fellow Jeff Nemec and Head of School Stefan Anderson for a night of winter camping at the school’s group campsite on the south shore of Big Bateau Lake.

Students prepared for the experience by collecting two sleeping bags and a sleeping bag liner to meet the demands of the expected sub-zero temperatures. After arriving at the site the crew set up their tents and then came together for a hearty dinner of beans & rice and pudgy pies with sweet fillings for desert. After cleaning up students headed out onto the ice of Big Bateau Lake with a special lighted Frisbee to play a game of ultimate. Team members identified themselves in the dark with either green or red glow bands.

After the game of ultimate the group reformed around the fire to share stories and play games. Eventually everyone headed into the tents or onto tarps on the lake ice to brave the winter night. With a clear sky the temperature dropped to -7 degrees Fahrenheit. During the night the campers were greeted with a number of common Northwoods winter sounds including howling coyotes, hooting barred owls, cracking trees, and moaning ice.

The morning came early with many students getting up early to make it back to campus to attend church services or catch a ride to the Indianhead Mountain ski slopes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The rest of the group had a more leisurely morning with a breakfast of hot cereal before breaking camp and hiking back to campus.



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