Posted by: csdailyblog | March 5, 2011

Conserve School Students Develop their E-Portfolios

Tony and Ana add material to their e-portfolios while Academic Dean Kathleen O'Connor takes a look at Tony's work.

During the past two Winter Skills Weekends, students had the opportunity to sign up for short tutorials and guided work sessions to help them make progress on their e-portfolios. We encouraged students to take photographs when they were outside in Winter Skills activities — ice fishing, ice soccer, snowshoeing, sledding, and outdoor cooking — and then come indoors with their cameras to warm up a bit,  upload photos, and write about their experiences in their e-portfolios. To add a little incentive for opting to participate in the work sessions, Kathleen O’Connor, Academic Dean, and I set up a snacks table with hot chocolate, tea, and homemade scones and muffins. One of the many good things about having a 1-1 laptop program is that we can take our laptops with us just about anywhere. We held these e-portfolio work sessions in the Gathering Space, on the comfy chairs right next to the floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the sunshine and a beautiful view of Little Donahue Lake. We snacked and chatted as Kathleen and I helped students with the technical aspects of the e-portfolios and students shared ideas and showed one another their work.

E-portfolios are an opportunity for students to show off their Conserve School experience to families and friends and to reflect on what they have accomplished and how they have grown while attending  Conserve School. E-portfolios also create archives of photos, stories, and academic work that provide students with great material for college admissions essays.  

Aric, Tony (facing the other way), Adrian, and Tana

In their e-portfolios,  students can feature any type of academic assignment (papers, tests, projects, presentations, etc.) or extracurricular experiences (winter camping, snowshoeing outing, day at the ski hill, etc.) and include a short accompanying description and reflection. At the end of the semester, the very best e-portfolios are selected by a panel of staff members to win three college scholarships for $500, $300, and $200. Read more about last semester’s e-portfolios and college scholarships here, and click on the e-portfolio tab above or click here to view last semester’s winners.

Mary Anna

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