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The Complete Paper Tiger Story

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As a follow-up to my last blog post …

Lest our readers think that at Conserve School we encourage aggression towards endangered species,  here is Spanish Teacher (and Academic Dean) Kathleen O’Connor’s explanation of what was happening in the “paper wildcat” photographs you can see if you scroll down to the previous blog post. Kathleen also contributed additional photographs from the activity, which you can see above.

Ceci is acting out the word “peligro,” or “danger” in English, and Elaine was acting out the word “cazar” or “to hunt” in English.  That assignment is a thing that I call “visual vocabulary.” Students take a digital camera and take pictures to represent their vocab list words.  They then label the pictures with the appropriate words and I print them out and the students write sentences on them to use the word and to describe what is going on in the picture. They then present their pictures in class. It is kind of a fun way to process vocabulary words. I created it in the hopes of making vocabulary lists meaningful and to meet the needs of a variety of kinds of learners: visual, kinesthetic, creative, auditory, and reader/writer learners. The other thing about this assignment is that it is a thing that they can keep, and take back home at the end of the semester. The tiger story starts with humans fearing and hunting tigers, but the rest of the story tells of how the humans experience a change of heart and start to protect the tigers, protest their possible extinction, and support their population increase. There is also a lesson there about recycling and reusing paper tigers.

 If you look further in the pictures, they tell the rest of the story of Ceci and Elaine protecting the tigers, loving the tiger population, recycling, and reusing the paper tigers. Spanish 2 is definitely not anti-tiger! They were just trying to capture the gravity of the tiger situation….

Thank you, Kathleen, for the full story!

Mary Anna

To enlarge any of the paper tiger saga photographs, click on a thumbnail below.



  1. Too funny!! I had been concerned about the paper tiger / jaguar, since the last post seemed to imply that s/he had been summarily dispatched. Although I was concerned for Ceci’s safety, and appreciated Elaine’s defense, I had hoped that the wildcat had been safely anesthetized and perhaps relocated to the paper jungle. I didn’t think of the recycle box – but that works too!

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