Posted by: csdailyblog | February 21, 2011

Conserve Students Travel to O-Kun-de-Kun Falls

Jennings and Kellie carefully snowshoe their way down a craggy rock formation next to the O-Kun-de-Kun Falls. Jennings is looking above him and watching for another student who is following.

The natural beauty surrounding Conserve School is heightened by many scenic waterfalls. Last week, as part of our Winter Skills Weekend, History Teacher Michael Salat and Science and Art Teacher Robert Eady treated a group of students to a visit to O-Kun-de-Kun Falls in nearby Ontonagon County, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (Click on the Ontonagon County link and then look for O-Kun-de-Kun Falls on the right side of the map.) The falls are beautiful in any season but have a special attraction in the winter, when the site is rarely visited and the falls have frozen into sheets and crystals of ice. These particular falls are less well-known than some of the others in the area because reaching them takes a little effort. As you can see from the photos, our students snowshoed in and then challenged themselves by climbing up and down the rugged terrain around the falls — still in snowshoes. Not easy!

After the trip, students enjoyed dinner at the Pine Cone Cafe in Land O’ Lakes.

The photos were taken by Robert and students Moses and Amber.

Mary Anna

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  1. My daughter Bree is so privileged, as all the kids are, to be experiencing this wonderful moment in their lives. I absolutely love looking at these pictures and seeing all the joy written over every ones faces.

    Kimberly Bender

  2. I just can’t believe what a great experience and opportunity this is for our grand son, Koty! I can’t wait to visit him soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do for these very special young people.
    🙂 Mary Crocker

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