Posted by: csdailyblog | February 15, 2011

Community Meeting: The Roommate Game


The winning wing, Bobcat: Lila, Jackie, Elaine, Tana, Coral, Kaitlyn, Maria, and Cecilia.

“If your roommate was a wild animal, what animal would they be?”
“How many bottles of hair care products does your roommate have in the shower right now?”
“If your roommate could choose to be an oldest sibling, a youngest sibling, or a middle sibling, which one would they be?”

At yesterday’s Community Meeting, we played a game that never fails to lead to lots of laughs: the Roommate Game. Just like on the old Newlyweds Game, the Roommate Game pits pairs of roomates against one another to see which pairs know one another best. The photo gallery below is filled with expressions of surprise, dismay, and delight on students’ faces as they react to their roommates’ responses.

Wings also competed against wings, and first place went to the Bobcat girls. Since it was Valentine’s Day, their prize was a giant heart full of chocolates.

Mary Anna

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  1. It’s a great feeling I get, seeing all the kids smiling in all the pictures.

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