Posted by: csdailyblog | February 9, 2011

Conserve Students Learn How to Cross-Country Ski

Director of Admissions and Residential Life Phil DeLong with students Rachel and Elaine

Some students come to Conserve School already knowing how to ski, and others come to Conserve without any background in skiing at all. Those students who’ve never skied before get an immediate introduction to the sport so that they can start enjoying one of the most popular winter activities in this area.

Field Instructor Jeff Nemec writes:

Last week in Field Instruction, students got an introduction to cross-country skiing. Special teachers Phil Delong, Director of Admissions and Residential Life, and Ann Adamovich, Payroll Administrator,  greatly helped out. Students should now feel more confident to explore the terrain of campus on the Green, Blue, and Black Loops.

Thanks for the info and photos, Jeff!

Jeff is one of a number of our staff members who are accomplished winter sports athletes. Students will have the opportunity to watch him compete as a member of the semi-pro Eagle River Falcons hockey team this Friday.

Mary Anna

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  1. Mary Anna, what will become of the multiple pairs of Fischer racing skis that belonged to the ski team?

    • They are in the LRC along with a wide range of other equipment available for skiers, snowshoers, skaters, and so on who come to Conserve School.

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