Posted by: csdailyblog | January 26, 2011

We’re Ready and Waiting, CS2!

Admissions Director Phil DeLong, Student Services Coordinator Kim Spagnoli, and Registrar/Admissions Assistant Martha Krumenauer look over the in-service schedule at the Student Services Desk, a.k.a. Grand Central Station.

Just what do we do during our inservice time between semesters? Plenty — lots of reflection, collaboration, and preparation. We’ve had a productive few weeks together getting ready for our new cohort of Conserve School students.

Here’s just a small sampling of what we’ve done:

  • Brought staff together to review our School-wide Learning Goals and our Shared Beliefs and Commitments. We evaluated how well we “walked the walk” during CS1 and how we could do even better during CS2.
  • Met in interdisciplinary teams to identify connections between subject areas and to develop integrated activities.
  • Snowshoed and skiied together. Enjoyed social get-togethers.
  • Evaluated and revamped teacher websites and our student e-portfolio format.
  • Selected and purchased new books to support our program.
  • Planned a whole new set of Field Instruction activities for winter and spring.
  • Reviewed and practiced health care and safety procedures.
  • Rethought our College and Careers program to make it more hands-on and engaging.
  • Reviewed and adjusted our daily schedule.
  • Identified dates on the calendar for camp-outs.
  • Planned Winter Skills weekend activities.
  • Compiled and reviewed the data we collected during CS1, including course survey results, program survey results, final grades, and standardized testing results. Thank you, CS1 students, for being patient with all of our questions and for giving us such thoughtful responses!

And that’s nowhere near everything we’ve managed to pack into the past few weeks.

Field Instructors Anita Olson, Rachel Maxwell, Bennett Rock, and Director of Outdoor Programs and Residential Life Cathy Palmer plan campus service and stewardship activities.

Educational research supports the idea that taking time for self-reflection is a critical component of effective educational programs and well worth the necessary time investment. (See this short article and annotated bibliography for an overview of research on the primary importance of reflection and collaboration for teaching groups.) Our school calendar is designed to give us several weeks to collaboratively review, adjust, and plan our program each year. We often point to the experience, dedication, and expertise of our faculty as a key reason for the high quality of our program. That all of these talented people take the time and energy necessary to work together — closely and productively — is another factor that allows us to create such a dynamic set of interwoven themes and activities each semester.

We’re ready for you — see you soon, CS2ers!

Mary Anna

Dean and Spanish Teacher Kathleen O'Connor, Science and Art Teacher Robert Eady, and Mathematics Teacher Kathy Jones work on plans for the opening ceremony.


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