Posted by: csdailyblog | December 18, 2010

E-Portfolio Scholarship Contest Winners Announced

The home page of Kayla's e-portfolio. Conserve School awarded Kayla first place and a $500 college scholarship.

CS1 was a time of many new experiences, both for students and staff members. We staff members have really appreciated the enthusiasm and willingness with which students tried out all of our new ideas. One of those new ideas was our digital portfolio system.

Producing e-portfolios turned out to take a significant amount of time and troubleshooting, more than we had anticipated. Despite this challenge, and despite the fact that e-portfolios were, like many of our activities, “challenge by choice,” in other words, optional, several intrepid students persisted through the semester in building their e-portfolios, adding to them classwork, photographs, videos, and brief reflective essays. The results are beautiful and inspiring.

We hope that these digital portfolios provide students with a wonderful set of memories to reflect on in future years and a way for parents and friends to vicariously share in their Conserve School experience.

In recognition of the time, effort, creativity, and persistence that creating these e-portfolios required, we’ve honored students who completed or substantially completed their e-portfolios with a series of awards and college scholarships.

First Place and a $500 College Scholarship: Kayla F.

Second Place and a $300 College Scholarship: Katie N.

Third Place and a $200 College Scholarship: Bonnie R.

Honorable Mention and a $100 College Scholarship: Alexandra N.

Honorable Mention and a $100 College Scholarship: Annelise H.

Special Recognition Award: Emma D.

Congratulations, students!

Mary Anna



  1. Congrats everyone! I’m so proud of you and the school for a great first semester. It’s also so fantastic to see these pages of what you all have done – you should be very proud!

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