Posted by: csdailyblog | December 13, 2010

Northwoods Naturalist John Bates Visits Conserve School Science Class

Author and naturalist John Bates gestures as students Julia, Anna, Kate, and Sarah listen.

John Bates, an author and naturalist who lives near Conserve School, joined Science Teacher Robert Eady and students last week on a snowy trek through the Conserve School property, pointing out and explaining various natural phenomena along the way. To learn more about John Bates, his interests, and his books, take a look at this Wisconsin Public Television webpage summarizing an “In Wisconsin” segment that featured him.

Maren listens to visiting naturalist John Bates.

The days are so short now, and the sun begins to set so early, that during the last afternoon class the first hints of sunset are visible. In these photos, if you look carefully, you can see that the clouds are tinged with pink, since science and field instruction are afternoon classes.

Our schedule is flexible and built around extra-long blocks, which facilitate outdoor activities and in-depth studies. The science and field instruction classes, for example, each have an hour-and-a-half time block in the afternoon, and these long blocks can be combined into a full afternoon of integrated activities. On special days like this, when we have a visiting speaker and want to make the most of our “outdoor classroom,” students have to really bundle up for class because they’ll be outside all afternoon. You can see that by the end of the day, the clouds aren’t the only thing tinged with pink — there are some pink cheeks and pink noses, too!

Mary Anna

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