Posted by: csdailyblog | December 6, 2010

Tending to the Worms at Conserve School

Bennett Rock, Field Instructor and compost expert, contributed the following post:

Jay Salinas from the Worm Farm Institute in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, shows students Katie, Kyle, and Sarah a vermiculture container and worms for composting during the Shared Earth Symposium.


It was a proud day for any compost aficionado at Conserve School.

A lucky group of students really took Conserve School composting to new heights today during community service. Some students collected recycling while others worked on turning the outdoor compost while adding straw to ensure the right balance of carbon to nitrogen. Josh K, Madeline and Kelsey used shovels and forks to turn and stack the pile while Christine McCormick broke apart and added the straw.

Afterwards the excitement really cranked up when the group worked on the worm bins that were donated by the Worm Farm Institute during shared earth symposium. Unfortunately the worms had been neglected over the break and the compost bins fostered anaerobic conditions. The dilemma we all faced was dealing with the strong odors of putrefied organic matter. But the team was dedicated to fixing the worm bins. Some of the group shredded paper, some worked on cleaning some messes that arose. Two of the students took the leap of faith towards compost rehabilitation and mixed the straw and paper into the slimy rotten muck. This was not something your everyday high school student would do. No, these students are elitist! Thanks to the entire group and a thunderous applause to Kelsey and Erika.

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