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Conserve School Digital Portfolio College Scholarship Contest

Emma's first draft of her e-portfolio home page.

Conserve School is offering three college scholarships to current students who complete a brief digital portfolio showcasing and reflecting on their most memorable academic and extracurricular experiences at Conserve School. A panel of staff members will choose the top three portfolios and award college scholarships of $500, $300, and $200 to the winning students.

A few weeks ago, Kathleen O’Connor, Conserve School Academic Dean, sent out the following message to students:

It is my pleasure to announce to you the Conserve School E-portfolio Scholarship Competition.  All of you are invited to participate in the competition.  Please note the deadline for e-portfolio competition submissions. CS1 E-portfolio judging will take place immediately after the deadline. Any CS1 E-portfolios submitted after the deadline will not be considered in the competition.  All work must be original, and created by the student E-portfolio author. To submit your portfolio to the competition, you must complete a CS1 E-portfolio Competition entry form before the competition deadline. Entry forms will be located at the Student Services Desk, and should be submitted only after you have completed your E-portfolio.  Entry forms can only be submitted one-per-person by the author of the E-portfolio being entered in the competition.

Jandro's first draft of his e-portfolio home page.

Students were also given the following resources:
Conserve School E-portfolio Guidelines
Conserve School E-portfolio Rubric

Earlier in the semester, students received basic training on creating e-portfolios using Google Sites, were introduced to the Conserve School e-portfolio template, and began the first page of their portfolio. Students who would like extra help at this point in completing their e-portfolio should let Kathleen O’Connor (Spanish Teacher and Academic Dean), Kathy Jones (Math Teacher and Educational Technology Coordinator), or me (Mary Anna Thornton, Assistant Head of School) know. We would be happy to arrange some one-on-one or small group tutoring, or drop-in help sessions, for interested students.

More and more high schools and colleges are incorporating digital portfolios into their programs as a means of recording, reflecting on, and displaying student work. Colorado College, for example, has an electronic portfolio option as part of their Environmental Program. You can explore the following links from the Colorado College Electronic Portfolio home page to learn more about their EV Electronic Portfolio option and about e-portfolio programs at other colleges:

Caitlin's first draft of her e-portfolio home page.

We believe that giving students the opportunity to learn how to create digital portfolios and to become familiar with the concept of e-portfolios will benefit them in a variety of ways in the future, both in college and in their careers. Because students are very busy with academic work and extracurricular activities, and anxious to spend as much time as possible enjoying the company of their Conserve School friends over the last few weeks of this semester, we are not requiring students to create complete e-portfolios. Only students who enter the contest are expected to complete all elements of the e-portfolio.

We look forward to reviewing the e-portfolios and to announcing three college scholarship winners at the end of this semester.

Mary Anna


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