Posted by: csdailyblog | December 1, 2010

Building Survival Shelters for the Winter Cold

Sarah and Caitlin peek out from underneath their shelter.

The northern Wisconsin snow and cold has finally arrived, although the snow isn’t quite as steady as we would like. After several days of below-freezing weather that helped the lakes freeze over, temperatures have hovered just above 32 degrees for the last few days, and so we’re down to a few patches of snow here and there. Snow showers are predicted for the next several days though, so we’re hoping to get our snow cover back soon. While we did have enough snow, students took excellent advantage of it, snowboarding on our tobogganing hill, skiing, and just playing in it outdoors. The local ski hills, which get a little extra help from snow machines, are opening up, and students have the opportunity to go downhill skiing and snowboarding this weekend with history teacher Michael Salat.

In Field Instruction class, students learned how to make shelters, an important skill if you happen to be caught unexpectedly in cold weather overnight in the woods. In the accompanying photos, you can see students sizing up brush and branches to choose their building materials, constructing their shelters, and then crawling in and peeking out.

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