Posted by: csdailyblog | November 18, 2010

Special Events: Twin Day and Harvest Fest

Striking a pose as studious readers in the library, Katie and Natalie are mirror images of one another.

This week has been especially packed with out-of-the-ordinary activities, some just for fun and others fun and educational. In the first category — fun — students decided that this week should be Spirit Week and proposed a clothes theme for each day of the week. Today, for example, is tacky tie day, and everyone should be wearing either tie-dyed or tacky clothes. We’ve had quite the eye-popping collection of colors in the halls and classrooms today.  Monday was twin day, and both students and staff really outdid themselves dressing as twins and even triplets.  You can see some of our sibling sets below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later in the week we held our annual autumn Shared Earth Symposium, which students decided should be focused on sustainable foods this semester. Our speakers, and all of our food — cooked by students and staff — revolved around that theme. Watch for more information and photos tomorrow.

Mary Anna

Click on a thumbnail below for an enlarged version of the photo.


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