Posted by: csdailyblog | October 26, 2010

Conserve School Community Stewardship Day

Sarah carefully letters a sign for the museum's Halloween bingo station. (Photo by Jeff Rennicke.)

In keeping with our Conserve School Community Commitment “We support and show respect for the Conserve School community, the larger community, and the natural world through regular service work,” students and staff fanned out around the Land O’ Lakes and nearby Eagle River communities to help with community projects, which included preparing and painting signs for a Halloween activity at the Northwoods Children’s Museum, cleaning shelves at the Land O’ Lakes Public Library, painting reindeer for the Land O’ Lakes Chamber of Commerce holiday display, removing invasive Asian honeysuckle on nearby Nature Conservancy land, cleaning up the stretch of Route 45 adopted by Conserve School, and preparing an organic garden for winter at the University of Wisconsin’s Treehaven natural resources and education facility. You can see our entire list of Community Beliefs and Commitments, which serve as guideposts for our campus and community activities, on our website.

Below you can see a slideshow of photos taken by Jeff Rennicke, Conserve School English Teacher, at Eagle River’s Northwoods Children’s Museum. Before painting signs for the museum’s Halloween program, students enjoyed a tour of the facilities by Margie Rychlock, formerly a Conserve School Field Instructor and now the museum’s Program Coordinator. The students had the museum all to themselves, and they gleefully seized the opportunity to take some of the museum’s hands-on exhibits for a test drive, as you can see.

Vsit our teachers’ websites for more photos and stories about the groups and their activities:

Land O’ Lakes Library group

Highway 45 Clean-up Group 

Highway 45 Clean-up Group 

Mary Anna

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To stop the slideshow at a photo, float your cursor over the bottom of the slideshow and click on the black square. To see a larger version of a photo, click on a thumbnail below.


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