Posted by: csdailyblog | October 22, 2010

Students Transplant an Orchard of Apple Trees

Kelsey hauls a wheelbarrow-full of soil to the orchard site.

Students planted an orchard of small apple trees last week in our new garden location. Andrew Milbauer, Science Teacher, writes about the experience:

Over thirty apple trees were transferred to the community garden last week. The trees were purchased three years ago through a proposal from the AP Environmental Science students to Conserve School CFO Felix Banton and Head of School Stefan Anderson. At that time, we planted the trees at the estate of James R. Lowenstine, the school’s founder, across the street from the Conserve School campus. The estate was a beautiful location but proved too far from campus for easy maintenance of the trees. The deer that wander the estate grounds were also too hungry for the trees to thrive. They pulled down the fences regularly to get at the trees.

Natalie takes a break from digging while at the estate.

While transplanting the trees in the community garden, the Environmental Science class members discussed good production, soil amendments, and methods of releasing soil compaction. On the Friday of Family Weekend, the class, with the help of family members, planted tulips between the tree holes to attract pollinating insects and to help release more of the compaction.

Josh prepares a planting hole while Christine waits for a turn with the shovel.

Originally the new garden site was a baseball field. Maintaining a community garden on the site will use fewer resources than maintaining the original ballfield. It also will provide produce for our dining room and habitat for birds and insects. This activity was carried out as a unit for Applied Ecology, during which we discussed food production, agriculture, and soil conservation.

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