Posted by: csdailyblog | October 22, 2010

Community and Environmental Stewardship at Conserve School

Conserve students form a 350, in honor of's 10.10.10 Global Work Party.

Katie Connolly, Field Instructor in charge of organizing off-campus service opportunities, writes about service activities students have been involved in this month:

Did you know that Wisconsin is the state that produces the most cranberries? Every year the town of Eagle River hosts Cranberry Fest to celebrate Wisconsin’s strong tradition of cranberry harvesting. Conserve School usually sends a handful of students to help volunteer at the festival, so when they contacted us to see if we would be able to join them again this year, I put up a sign-up sheet to gauge student interest. I was amazed when I saw that almost thirty students were interested in helping out! It’s rare that I have to turn away students from a volunteer activity, but unfortunately I had to… we only had so many drivers and so many seats in the vans!

Sixteen of our students went to volunteer at this community festival, helping to scoop cranberries for sale and pouring cranberry juice for free samples. They did an awesome job! Here’s what the festival volunteer coordinator had to say about the group:

“Thank you (and the students) for all your help.  They pitched in wherever needed on Sunday. …We sure appreciated their help.  They are great young adults and I think they had a good time both working and enjoying the festival.  We always like working with the “Conserve kids” – they are the best of the best! Thanks a million to all of you!!!!!!!”

This group of students amaze me because of their dedication to community service. Their generous spirit and hard work ethic really make them stand out as a group of young people.

During Family Weekend, as many of you know from participating with us, we took part in the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, organized by in support of global efforts to reduce pollutants and improve the environment. The photograph above shows our students gathered for a photo to be posted on the website along with photos of hundreds of participating organizations around the world.

Below, you can see photos of the 10.10.10 activity at the Land O’ Lakes Community Garden. Read more about this activity (and another nice thank you note) on this post from a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, on Oct 21st, we again reached out to help others on a special Community Stewardship Day, during which student groups fanned out around the local area to help out in a variety of ways. Stay tuned for photos and reports of these most recent service activities.

Mary Anna

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