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Conserve Students, Families, and Staff Join in Community Service

Field Instructor Rachel and students Jandro and Natalie take a momentary break in filling up their planting hole.

Friday through Sunday we held our very first Family Weekend for semester students, and we were delighted to have so many of our students’ families and friends attend. We put many of our visitors to work on Sunday, when we joined community groups around the world in the 10.10.10 Global Work Party, an event promoted by the 350.0rg, which supports the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere, one cause of global warming. Students, staff members, and families and friends split into three groups, with one helping clean up the Land O’ Lakes Community Garden for the winter, another helping prepare a soon-to-be-orchard in our own school garden, and the third joining community volunteers in removing invasive Asian honeysuckle from the Tenderfoot Nature Reserve, a nearby nature preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy.

Below you can read the thank you note sent to our students by the Land O’ Lakes Community Garden Chairman.

Dear Conserve School Students who helped at the LOL Community Garden on 10-10-10:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the work you completed at the Community Garden last Sunday.  When we were told we’d have eight-12 students, we thought we’d be lucky to get eight.  Imagine our surprise when 22 of you showed up, reading and willing to work—and in some instances, bringing your parents along.  This is a great example of “going above and beyond” what was requested of you. Please thank those parents–if they’re yours—when you speak with them.

You were great about staying on task and working together.  The work was done well and in such a small amount of time.  You bowled us over!!

You’ll be happy to know we returned the baby mice to the new compost pile and hope Mama Mouse will somehow know where they are.  We can only hope for the best.

If any of you are still interested in the Garden t-shirts, our inventory shows we have one left in a Small size and seven left in the Medium size.  We also have Large and Extra Large available but these shirts ran large anyway and the larger sizes are really big. If anyone is interested, send me an email (address below) and I’ll deliver the shirts to you.  They’re $16 each and benefit the garden.

I’ll also look forward to receiving copies of the photos you took on Sunday. I think Polina was in charge of that.

Some of you were interested in checking out our website (especially if you get pictures to me).  That website is

Thank you once again for all your help with the garden.  You were great!

Corinne Duerkop, Chairman
Land O’ Lakes Community Garden

We also have to send out our own Conserve School thank you to all the students and families who cheerfully helped prepare planting holes for fruit trees in our new and growing garden. It was unseasonably warm, and I felt a little sheepish asking guests to take on the hard job of hauling compost and shoveling soil, but everyone pitched in with no complaints and got lots and lots of work done. The giant holes you see in the photos below were dug, necessarily, by machine, in order to break up the compacted clay of the old ball field. Students and visitors mixed the excavated soil with compost and back-filled the holes so that the soil could settle prior to small fruit trees being planted in each excavated area. Thank you to everyone who helped, and thank you to everyone who visited this weekend. We were all very inspired by the many kind words we received from our students’ families and friends.

Mary Anna

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