Posted by: csdailyblog | October 7, 2010

More Mountain Biking and Poetry Writing

Kelsey and Kendra on the trails during Field Instruction, identifying ferns with the help of a guidebook.

To continue from my last post, below I’ve posted a couple of the poems students wrote during their scavenger hunt last week in Field Instruction, along with photos that students snapped as they scavenged.

Off the trail rests a fallen tree
Upon the log grows moss, not leaves.
What once flourished with life, now only keeps
The mushrooms, insects and lichen at ease.
A humble end to a mighty beast
Its companions guard as it rests in peace.
By winters end the fungi will have done its part.
The soft fresh ground – a new tree start.
By Josh K., Kendall, and Kayleigh

The rain makes the trees grow
Higher and higher in the sky
The animals frolic to and fro
By the clouds the birds fly
The clouds grow dark and fill with tears
The rain washes away people’s smiles
But in the forests you hear the animals’ cheers
And the bikes keep going for miles and miles.
By Emma, Sarah, and Caitlin


Mary Anna

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