Posted by: csdailyblog | October 5, 2010

Conserve School Field Instruction: Mountain Bikes and Scavenger Hunts

Last week Conserve School Field Instructors conducted an adventure-based physical education unit during which students practiced mountain biking, learned basic bike maintenance, navigated campus trails, conducted some hands-on learning of the flora and fauna of the Northwoods, and composed poetry, all at the same time — truly an integrated, interdisciplinary educational experience. For one of the lessons, designed as a scavenger hunt, students split up into groups, hunted for a variety of natural objects, and carried out several different activities. You can see an excerpt of the students’ instructions below, along with photographs students took along the way. In a number of the photos, you can see the trail markers referred to in the instructions.

Point 2 (Marker 47):  With the assistance of your field guide, locate a mushroom nearby and take a picture of it. Describe its habitat below, based on your field guide as well as what you observe where you are.

Point 3 (Big Bateau Lake): Go down to Big Bateau Lake and take a seat by the shore.  Think of ways in which human beings use lakes.  The purposes can be for education, recreation, food, transportation, anything!  List as many as you can below:

Point 4 (Marker 50): Take a photo of a sign (habitat, tracks, scat, fur, feathers, etc.) for each of the following living organisms, and record next to each of these below what specific sign you have taken a photo of:

  • A mammal
  • An insect
  • A bird

Point 5 (Marker 52):  Take a photo that represents connections between organisms (plants, animals, water, air, etc.) of the natural environment/ecosystem you are witnessing in this location.  Explain these connections in the form of poem, written collaboratively by the group members.  The poem should be at least 8 stanzas (lines) long.  Write it here:

*Bonus=If you’ve completed all of the points above and there is time remaining, please visit the following point(s):

Point 6 (Marker 39):  Pick one of the following types of trees that is around you at this location—sugar maple, paper birch, or balsam fir—and list at least three potential human uses for this tree.  Can you think of other general ways humans use trees, i.e., products you use in your everyday life that, in one way or another, come from a tree?

There were so many good photos that this set is just Part One: I’ll post more information about the scavenger hunt and more photos tomorrow.

Mary Anna

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