Posted by: csdailyblog | September 21, 2010

More Exploration Week Photos and Stories …

Andy Milbauer, Conserve School Science Teacher, writes about his group’s Exploration Week trip in the Porcupine Mountains. Andy and Anita, Conserve School Field Instructor, led the group.

Monday we hiked from Lake of the Clouds to Mirror Lake.  It was a great hike with some strenuous terrain but the students did an awesome job.  That night Anita and I gave them one last lesson on how to hang food in a tree. (The bear pole at the campsite had been pushed over.)

Tuesday we hiked from Mirror Lake to the Little Carp River.  The trail took us through more amazing stands of hemlocks and quite a few falls and rapids along the Little Carp River.  We camped at the base of hill next to Greenstone Falls.  Students mastered the art of hanging bear bags on their own this night.

Wednesday we pushed on despite some intense rainfall.  We hiked through the mud along the Little Carp River to the shore of Lake Superior, where we camped on the beach with the waves crashing just outside our tents.  Katie Byrnes celebrated her birthday with a birthday cake.  Just as we carefully set up our campsite and were about to start dinner, [Head of School] Stefan and [Academic Dean] Kathleen and their group hiked past. 

Thursday  the rain let up, so Anita and I hung out all of the wet things so they would dry.  We waited for everything to dry until we continued on our hike.  We followed the Superior Trail for about a mile before turning up the Big Carp River Trail.  The trail follows the Big Carp River until it climbs back up the escarpment.  The students were troopers, hiking uphill  through stands of old growth hemlock and mixed hardwoods.  Finally we reached the top of the escarpment and camped on the edge of the cliffs surrounded by stunted oaks and juniper. 

Friday morning we managed to get back to the car just before the rain set in.

The photos you see below are from Stefan and Kathleen’s groups. I’ll keep posting more photos from Exploration Week trips over the next few days.

Mary Anna

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