Posted by: csdailyblog | September 17, 2010

Students and Staff Return from Exploration Week Trips

Field Instructor TJ, trip leader, and student Johnny after returning to campus.

Everybody is back from their trips, as of around 4:30 this afternoon, with lots of smiles and stories.
The first band of adventurers returned late Thursday and I had lunch with them in the dining room. The girls were telling me at the lunch table that the heavy rain was both the best thing and the worst thing about the trip. While the first few days of Exploration Week were beautiful, the last few day were just rain, rain, rain. The girls said they were soaked through by the time they finished the trip, and so was their gear, but they especially loved the sound of the rain on the tents.

We always say that a little bad weather makes the trip all the more memorable.

I’ll post more photos over the weekend as groups clean up and put away gear.

Mary Anna

Kari back at Conserve School after five days on the trail.

Madeline and Annelise strike a pose at the lunch table.

Johnny and Jandro enjoy their first meal back in the dining room.


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