Posted by: csdailyblog | September 12, 2010

Packing Out for Exploration Week

Johnny and Jandro organize the food set aside for their particular group. That's Kelsey in the background sitting near the table for her group.

Exploration Week begins tomorrow, with some students heading out for hiking trips in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and others for canoeing trips in the Sylvania Wilderness, part of the Ottawa National Forest. Students will be returning to campus Friday mid-day.

Above and below you can see photos of students and staff busy “packing out” this weekend: organizing and packing food and gear into backpacks for the hiking trips and waterproof gear and food bags — “dry bags” — for the canoe trips. Cathy Palmer, Director of Outdoor Programs, organized food for each group on a separate dining room table (including biscotti home-baked by Cathy). The Field Instructors responsible for Programs and Projects, Anita Olson, Katie Connelly, and Jeff Nemec, had all the gear needed by each group for their trips organized and sorted in the Lowenwood Recreation Center. Student groups moved in shifts from one place to another, picking up and packing items.

The week has been busy, too, reviewing clothing needs with students, checking to make sure everybody had what they needed, and making some last-minute shopping trips.

Students are divided into groups of 5-7, with 2 staff members leading each group. Getting 48 students and 16 staff members ready for a 5-day wilderness trip is quite a production!

Mary Anna

Field Instructor Jess and students Kaitlin, Marshall, Kayla, Kyle, Allison, and Krystle leaving the Lowenwood Recreation Center (LRC) with their gear packed in dry bags for their canoe trip.

Erin and Kendall in the dining room for food pack out.

Bryn, Christine, Valerie, Kaydee, and Josh have packed up their dining room table full of food and are set to go.

Sarah, Anna, Kayleigh, and Kendra in the gym getting their gear ready.Kira, Kari, Madeline, Annelise, and Jandro check out the food set aside for their group in the dining room.

Students Sarah and Kendall (and Kendra in the background) and Field Instructors Elliott and Polina in the gym organizing and packing gear.

Kira, Kari, Madeline, Annelise, and Jandro check out the food set aside for their group in the dining room.


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