Posted by: csdailyblog | September 11, 2010

Conserve Students Enjoy Classes, Activities, and Some Down Time, Too


Next week Conserve students will be paddling and hiking for five days in the the Sylvania Wilderness and the Porcupine Mountains, but for now there's time for some indoor relaxation.

A Lord of the Rings DVD, a box of Cheez-its, comfy bean bag chairs, and good company — what more could one ask?

While we spend a lot of time in classrooms or outdoors expending energy at Conserve School, students have plenty of down time, too, to enjoy simple pleasures like TV and snacks with friends.

Each of the Conserve residence houses has a roomy apartment set aside as a common space for cooking, sharing snacks, listening to music, doing homework together, reading in a comfortable arm chair, and watching football games, the latest reality TV show, or movies. Once a week all of the house residents get together in the apartment for a house meeting and snacks, and the apartment is almost always in use by small groups of students on evenings and weekends.

I snapped these shots yesterday evening when I popped into the girls’ dorm, Elaine House, for a few moments to chat with one of my advisees.

Mary Anna

Allison, Marshall, Kayleigh, and Kari are all smiles as they watch one of their favorite movies: Lord of the Rings.


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