Posted by: csdailyblog | September 9, 2010

Many Hands Make Light Work

Janice Gerdes, Sodexo Food Service Staff Member, and Conserve School student Alex empty coffee urns in the dish room after dinner.

Life at Conserve School includes several opportunities each week to pitch in and help make all aspects of the school run smoothly: building and maintaining trails, hauling compost, weeding garden beds, and doing dishes, to name a few regular tasks.

Students rotate dining room tasks each week, with one team assigned to food prep and clean-up in the kitchen, and another team assigned to table setting, “hopping” — bringing food to the table, cleaning up dirty dishes, and sponging and disinfecting tables after each meal. Students on dining room rotation get up early before breakfast and ring the Lowenstine bell to alert everyone that it’s time to rise and shine. Sodexo Food Service staff members have done a wonderful job of familiarizing students with kitchen and dining room routines and of supervising their work at the tables and behind the scenes.

These photos show students taking care of some of the many tasks that contribute to our enjoyment of daily meals together in the Conserve School dining room. Students have shown great attitudes about helping out in the dining room, and it continues to be a pleasure to share meals and chores with them.

Mary Anna

Conserve student Kelsey vacuums around and under tables after dinner.

Nick at work stacking clean dishes in the dish room.

Tanna and Josh get cups and plates ready to go into the dishwasher.


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