Posted by: csdailyblog | September 8, 2010

Conserve Inaugurates MAP Testing

Mathematics Teacher Kathy Jones reads instructions to students prior to commencing standardized testing.

Kyle, having completed all three sections of the test, is ready to log off.

Conserve School will administer the Measure of Academic Progress, or MAP test, produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association, at the beginning and end of each semester in order to track trends in student performance and to identify areas for improvement in its academic program. The MAP test is  computer adaptive and therefore a particularly good fit for Conserve’s 1-1 laptop program. The MAP test is also especially useful to Conserve because it can be administered on flexible dates that fit well into Conserve’s unique schedule. The MAP test is one of a new generation of standardized tests that is computer-based, provides immediate feedback to schools, and can be used repeatedly throughout the year to provide a  fine-grained picture of student progress over time.

Kathy records results as Kyle completes testing.

On Tuesday evening after study hours, students dropped their laptops off in the academic building so that staff members could prepare each laptop for testing. Our first session of MAP testing proceeded smoothly this afternoon, with every student completing the reading, language usage, and mathematics components of the test.

We encouraged students to do their best but not to feel stressed over the tests, as Conserve School uses the results strictly for program improvement. We use the MAP test to reflect on and improve our own performance as educators and therefore focus on trends in group scores over time as opposed to specific profiles of individual students. As a result, we do not release individual student scores.

Conserve students will in most cases be taking the PSAT and/or college admissions tests in the near future, and parents who are particularly interested in their students’ academic profile will have an opportunity soon to examine those results.

Mary Anna

Head of School Stefan Anderson watches in the background as students settle into their desks prior to testing.


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