Posted by: csdailyblog | September 3, 2010

Students Net Crickets for Population Estimation Lab

Lena watches for crickets in the Conserve School prairie.

Andy Milbauer, Conserve School Science Teacher, writes: 

This week in science students carried out a lab estimating the population of crickets, grasshoppers, and katydids (orthopterans) on the sledding hill using the mark and recapture method.  On Monday,  two sections of Applied Ecology class captured, marked and released 373 crickets.  Later in the week, the two other sections captured more orthopterans, and based on the number in their collections bearing marks from Monday’s classes, estimated their population. To estimate the population, students multiplied the number of orthopterans marked on Monday by the number captured on Tuesday. They then divided the product by the number of marked orthopterans recaptured on Tuesday. 

Students marked each cricket they caught with non-toxic paint as a means of identifying them if they were caught again later in the week.

Kayleigh and Kari head off in different directions on their cricket hunt.

Katie, paint and brush in hand, prepares to mark some of the collected crickets.


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