Posted by: Stefan Anderson | August 27, 2010

A peek into the classrooms…

One of my favorite things to do as Head of Conserve School is to stroll around campus and visit the various classes and activities. This week I brought my camera along so that I could share a peek into the classrooms during the first week of the semester. As you will see, our favorite classroom is the space outside of our buildings.



This week English and History classes combined to learn about the Wilderness Act and the story of our national park system. In the photos above students are working with a map of the national parks and wilderness areas.

In Environmental Science students headed out into the woods around the Lowenstine Academic Building to begin a study of Lichen. This student is photo documenting an example of lichen that she found.

In Field Instruction students have been working on their water skills – swimming and canoeing. In the photo above the students are practicing their paddling skills. A few minutes later they began tipping over so that they could work on their T-rescue skills.

Mathmatics instruction for Advanced Algebra and Precalculus is provided in part through a computer based textbook. In the photo above Kathy Jones is assisting a student.

Many Conserve School students take Spanish.

In the Ceramics elective students are building their skills by building boxes.

In Earth Art students are working on a project in the spirit of the art of Andy Goldsworthy.



  1. Tell Tanna we miss her and she should get to work on those dreads.

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